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Smart Sports Solutions

Smart Sports Solutions is an Australia-based technology company.

Developing its own proprietary technology, Smart Sports Solutions designs, develops and integrates software, online tools, web-based interfaces and mobile apps for data management and advanced analytics in the field of sporting activities.

Smart Sports Solutions technology enables contextualisation of any sporting data, including from wearable devices.

Smart Sports Solutions is the company behind StatsOne, the world leading stats platform for grassroots, youth and semi-professional soccer.


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Keith Hallett


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StatsOne is the next LinkedIn of the football community globally. It is fast becoming the hub where all grassroots players, coaches, scouts and parents are going to.

The platform is creating a sporting community which provides key data analytics at all levels of football, using true and verified data, historically only available for professional players. By fulfilling this gap in the market, StatsOne has established its position as an indispensable resource and social utility for the football industry.

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Commissioned by the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, Australia, DoglogBook ( is an exciting world-first app and online platform that will help your dog get the best out of life.

The app offers you new ways to recognise and meet your dog's needs, with the opportunity to let your vet see into your dog's world and better understand how your dog is behaving. You'll even help researchers through your participation as a citizen scientist.

With you, doglogbook will become your dog's best friend.

DogloogBook is also designed for working dogs and includes full array of professional assessments and training sessions for:

  • Guide seeing eye dogs,
  • Livestock, herding, farm dogs,
  • Protection guard dogs,
  • Racing greyhound dogs,
  • Scent detection dogs.


Smart Sports has been supported by incredible investors from an early stage. They are passionate about value creation and grassroots development. They support early stage companies. They have been a big part of Smart Sports Solutions' success story.

Our company welcomes new investors at different stages of its capital raising strategy. If you would like to be kept informed about the next opportunity to join Smart Sports, please contact us at:


Smart Sports Solutions Pty Ltd

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East Maitland

NSW, 2323

+61 2 8011 4190